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Welcome to the Atlanta Gothic Lolitas Community on LiveJournal

First off, we are not a community for Nabokov fans. Sorry! This is a local community for those into, interested in, or curious about Japanese lolita fashion. If you want a better description/FAQ about the EGL community as a whole, please check out LolitaFashion.org or egl

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~| About Us |~

There are plenty of lolitas in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, and now we have our own community! Feel free to post on anything pertaining to lolita and Georgia- questions, group orders, events, etc. Sales are allowed, but please place your sale or advertisement under a LJ-Cut. As we are a local community, if you plan to advertise you should be a resident of Georgia as well. If you are an out-of-state seller, please consider using egl_comm_sales to post your sales (you will receive much more traffic and sales there).

We enjoy gathering for meetups, having picnics, hanging out with each other and just having fun and great conversations. Typically the biggest events each year are held at Dragon*Con and Anime Weekend Atlanta, as well as Momocon and the summer International Lolita Day.

If you want to come and drag your friends along, but they don't want to or can't dress up, no problem- the more the merrier! However, some events or parties may have a dress code, so read over the event details or ask the coordinator (the original poster) if you are unsure. I do ask that *everyone* who attends our meetups and events to please be kind and courteous to all others! This includes innocent bystanders that ask why we're dressed up.

Please remember to use LJ-Cuts for overly large posts, pictures, and sales.

Also... feel free to plan your own events and promote them here! They should be related to lolita. If you wish to promote an event that is not, please contact me. If you post an event that I do not feel is relevant, I will delete it without warning.

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