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Momocon 2011

Hi everyone~
I know it's a bit early, but I'm curious to know if any plans for Momocon 2011 are in the works?
I really enjoyed the picnic last year and the panel was great!

So yeah, has there been any word on events for this year? Feel free to post!

And for any who don't know what Momocon is,  click here for details


April Spring Meet-up

Sandy Springs recently completed a beautiful park about 5 mins from my apartment which overlooks the beautiful, placid Bull Sluice Lake.


I would love to have a spring-time picnic there. There is a huge open-air pavilion with tables as well as grassy areas to spread blankets on. To be fair there are a lot of kids/families that use this park b/c it has a nice playground too so it may be best to do it later in the afternoon if we do it on a weekend. Or earlier on a friday afternoon. Anyways, just putting the idea out there. I will narrow the date/time down and update as the event gets closer :)

So if it hasnt been obvious...

We're coming back to LJ! We haven't been active here lately b/c of our new facebook group, but we've decided it would be best to have a mixture of public events on here and more private/spur of the moment events on facebook. In order to join the FB group you will now have to have attended at least one of the public events on here and understand that SOME of the FB events may be private. We still very much look forward to meeting new members ^^ just keep your eyes open for new content here!



So, i just found this comm through a member of egl_plus, and I couldn't wait to post. It's wonderful to see it here. I'm ordinarily from Washington Wilkes, Georgia  and I'm mostly likely going to be visiting there this summer. <s>Right now I like in NYC</s> And I was wondering if anyone lives in the area, or if anyone from this comm would be going to Dragoncon? We don't have any set plans as of yet, but I was interested in knowing if I'd be a lone little loli down there. I remember how it was to be a lone goth in middle school.

- Sally Sue
This is my first post to the atl lolita community as most of my loli friends aren't members on here. After talking it over with some friends of mine I've decided to post my next party here on the Atlanta Lolita community to try to meet some more cool lolitas. I'm holding it on the the 2nd Saturday in December (Dec. 11). I know this is a long way off, but I wanted to get the news out so everyone would have more than enough time to prepare etc (AKA: before it slipped my mind). Here's the general info.

-We will be meeting at the Mozart Bakery Cafe in Suwanee (Mozart Bakery Cafe, 1291 Old Peachtree Rd. Suwanee, GA) first where we can enjoy some tea, pastries, hot cocoa, and convo.
Afterwords we can travel around the cute little shops and H Mart.

-After our bellies are full and our wallets are lighter we will head over to the Lake Lanier Magical Nights of Lights event (the pic in this post is an actual pic of some of the lights at the event). I've been to this event in the past and it's so much fun! The lights are so pretty, and the little fair at the end is so cute and fun. By the time you get to the end you dive right into the roasted marshmallow pit. I'm not good at descriptions though so here's the details from the website itself on the event.
"Rekindle an old tradition or create a new one at Lake Lanier Islands Resort’s Magical Nights of Lights holiday celebration. A seven-mile drive through tour of animated, festive, holiday light displays. At the end of your tour, the Holiday Village awaits you with carnival rides and games, ice skating, pony rides and numerous holiday treats. Warm up with a hot cup of cocoa or step inside Santa’s Workshop for some holiday shopping and a visit with Santa."

-To conclude our night we'll head back to the H Mart area (where I'm sure several people will opt to leave their car since I'm certain we'll carpool through the night of lights) and have a few rounds of karaoke and laughs.

SO.....Here's the breakdown:
When: Saturday, December 11, 2010
Time: 4pm-??
Where: Mozart Bakery Cafe
              1291 Old Peachtree Rd.
               Suwanee, GA

I will post options and prices 1.5 weeks prior to the event when i get a number for people attending. They have group deals and packages depending on how many people are in your group. As it stands pricing will be:
$60 per car (of a capacity 1-9 people) for entry (we will split it between passengers per car. ie: with the average car capacity of 5 people if would be $12 per person)
$20 per person for unlimited carnival rides
marshmellow roasting, shopping, etc is additional (not sure about pricing on the rest)

It would be best to rsvp on the party's facebook page, as i check it daily and it's just a bit better organized. If you are not listed on the guest list on the facebook page but wish to attend send me a PM. Click here to go to the party's facebook page.

Another Bodyline GO Ends Monday 10/25

I hope I'm allowed to post this, but I'm apart of another Bodyline GO that is happening now. It ends this Monday. We're trying to fill all the slots to get a lower cost of shipping. I think she may extend it again too.

I don't want to personally plan anything because I don't know how available I will be, but I am coming back to Atlanta for my Thanksgiving Break and currently have both of those days free...
Thea told me I should get back into lolita, so it inspired me to ask :X 
Let me know, and I will be keeping an eye on the community for the next month or so just in case no one posts on this.
I hope I get to see everyone again! ♥♥♥
If you have RVSP'ed here please go Facebook and RSVP for this event there since we are now managing
all events on facebook. I want to make sure that we have the right number of reservations for the Tea Party!

As promised here are the plans for the 2011 Atlanta Lolitas Formal Tea party.
Date: Jan 30, 2011
Location: Four Seasons Atlanta (Park 75 Restaurant); 75 Fourteenth Street, Atlanta, Georgia
Time: Afternoon 1 - 4 PM
Cost: About $30.00 per person
Dress: Formal Lolita

We had such a lovely time last year that everyone asked if we could do it again. I just made the reservation so we are all set. Please RSVP so that I have a count for the restaurant by mid-january.


Information on the Vineyard Cafe

It seems like people would be interested in Sunday, November 14, 2010.
They close at 3pm, so we could set the time at either noon or 1pm until 3pm, then hang out at the Square.
Let me know if you want to go and I'll get started on reservations if 10 people want to go.

More information here~Collapse )