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Special extended basic and deluxe admission rate pricing is now available because of MomoCon. We are also giving away the very last VIP package via raffle at MomoCon. All other VIP packages are sold out so please attend MomoCon and participate in the raffle if you still want one!

Basic Pricing

Saturday Admission:
$25 through 3/15 through 4/15
$35 through 4/15 through 5/15
$45 through 6/9 (door price)

Package Pricing

Deluxe Package:
$55 through 3/15 through 3/24
$62 through 4/15 through 5/25 (Deluxe Package will not be available after this!)
The Deluxe Package includes regular Saturday admission + lunch + drink pass, and Sunday tea party admission. This package saves the cost of lunch.

For those who are attending MomoCon, we are doing a giveaway of a VIP Package at the Elegant Gothic Lolita panel. The panel is at 4pm on Saturday, March 17 in room Panels 1 – M103 & M104. This giveaway is made possible by BatLoli. Please look forward to a future mini comic featuring BatLoli and her adventure in rescuing lolitas in distress from the evils of lace monsters and deflated pettis!

Please visit us at our website www.affrilliation.com for more details.

 Our Frill Directors are happy to answer your questions.

Please feel free to ask anything in the comments section.