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Atlanta Lolitas Facebook Group

Atlanta Lolitas on Facebook

 I wanted to clear up some things about the Atlanta Lolitas facebook group.

 First off, the FB group is NOT a replacement for atl_lolitas .
Atlanta Lolitas is just a second group that should be considered independent of atl_lolitas . There is overlap between the mods of atl_lolitas and Atlanta Lolitas but moderation decisions on one do not cross over onto the other. atl_lolitas  is a public group. Atlanta Lolitas is a private group.

 The Mods for atl_lolitas are:

 The Mods for Atlanta Lolitas facebook group are:
wunderfluff  - https://www.facebook.com/Wunderfluff
dearestvictoria  - https://www.facebook.com/jerrysugarav
asternoon  - https://www.facebook.com/ruslif

 It is at a hostess's discretion to cross-post events.
The hostess for meets is the one who decides if she wants to create a fb event, LJ post or to cross post to both communities. The reasons vary from member to member as to why they post on one or the other but it is their decision. The main reason though for posting just to Atlanta Lolitas is because the invites are easy to create on facebook, monitor RSVPs, track posts to the event and control who can see the event.

 Before joining Atlanta Lolitas it must be made clear that it is a private but welcoming group.
Anybody who lives close to Atlanta and plans to come to meets can join Atlanta Lolitas. We just want to limit membership to people who actually plan to come to meets and participate within the group. We love new people but we want people to come out to events and post on the group wall and be generally social within the group. Also a lot of events are hosted at private residences and the hostess may post her address and we like to keep this info private.

 People who are not members of the group should not be given information about events that are being hosted by the group.
If you would like to bring somebody who has not been specifically invited to an event you must clear it with one of the group admins or with the group hostess in advance. If you have not been to any meets hosted by Atlanta Lolitas then any guests you wish to bring to your first meet must be cleared with the hostess and a moderator. Anyone breaking these rules will be removed from this facebook group.

 Trouble makers and drama mongers will under no circumstances be tolerated.
If the moderators begin receiving multiple reports about misbehavior or harassment stemming from one member the mod team will make a decision on whether or not that member will be allowed to stay in the group. It is at the moderators discretion as to whether or not to involve the rest of the group in the decision. Being a member of the group is a privilege not a right.

 Members who have been banned are not welcome at events hosted by Atlanta Lolitas. If you bring a banned member to an Atlanta Lolitas event you will be banned permanently without appeal.

 To join Atlanta Lolitas you must friend one of the mods.
This is primarily to weed out trolls and fake accounts. Please include a personal message letting the mod know why you are friending them.
I usually respond to join/friend requests in 24 hours but feel free to use one of the other mods above.