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Post Request for Public Meetups

I haven't been around in a while and I've not been to any meetups since I joined; but with the addition of the facebook group there haven't been many postings here.  I did read that the lj comm would be a bit more active for those who hadn't joined facebook yet, but there are details for public meetups that haven't been posted yet.

Would it be possible to make sure that those do get cross posted?  For an example, there was a post about a Sandy Springs Picnic, but it hasn't been updated.  However, I think that the private group might have the info and forgotten to post it.  I got the info about it from a friend who is on the fb group, but due to the meetup rule, I haven't been able to join yet.  However, at the same time, I can't go to a meetup now that I have more free time to do so (or will next month) because I don't know when/where they are.

I hope no one thinks I'm out of line for posting, but I just wanted to make the request of the admins.

Meanwhile, I am hoping to plan another picnic or something in either May or June if anyone's interested.  I'm thinking either Piedmont or Centennial.  Does anyone have a preference?


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Apr. 10th, 2011 02:40 am (UTC)
You do not have to have been to a meet-up to join the FB group. You just have to friend one of the mods after you apply to join the comm. Then that mod can approve your request. Most girls don't post here because you can better control the event set-up and change dates/times and know everybody will get a notification on facebook.

The person who posted that the LJ would be more active while she had good intentions doesn't necessarily represent the thoughts of the majority. The girls who plan events are really the only people who can post the events to both places and it it as their discretion to do so.

I'm a mod here and over on the FB. Please apply to join the FB group. we have a number of events already planned for May and June. You are of course welcome to plan something as well but I'm sure you'd like to check the dates to be sure nothing is conflicting.

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Apr. 10th, 2011 03:09 pm (UTC)
Ok, thank you for getting back to me. I sent in a join request. I can understand the advantages of facebook, I was just wondering where everyone went. I'm looking forward to actually meeting everyone and being active in the community.
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